Monday, January 19, 2015

Pitch Day!!

Pitch Day was a blast! I had so much fun and really enjoyed the experience on Friday January 16th. As the stampede of parents and administrators came, I was pretty anxious and flustered. My main fear was that I would forget the beginning, and not remembering what I was intending to say. Before our audience walked in, I took a deep breath and did a little shake. I told myself that I could do it and I would do a great. Also my one major concern was waiting for  having no on come up and seem interested in what I had to say on being a veterinarian. However, that was far away from the sort. All of the  parents seemed intrigued by my project and said my poster really stood out.

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Throughout the entire day I got to talk to a lot of parents and administrators. I did not mess up like I thought I would. I always had them leave with an understanding of my passion and my goals towards future. At the beginning it was a little slow and watching the clock made me scared. My first talk was with an administrator and I thought I would be scared. Once I started talking about my passion it just flowed through me. Definitely practicing in front of the class got out the nervous feelings I had. I learned that it was not a scary to present in front of administrators and guardians when you know what your talking about, and have practiced.  

I definitely enjoyed this 20 time experience. It made me learn people skills, engaging the audience, and even with documenting the process on this blog. In the beginning of 20 time, I did not like the fact of doing something without any guidelines. Throughout the process I understood why there was no guidelines, and that was for our own benefit. Overall, this was a great and fun experience for me and I hope the school continues this in the future Honors English classes.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Prefect Plan Backfired

         My plan for my goal seemed perfect! I had two options to call a real veterinarian. I was so excited and ready for some answers. I had my plan all figured out with the best possible questions. However, what if they never call you back? What if your perfect plan for sucess backfires? The best accomplishment I got was sitting down holding on the phone line for 25 minutes. Then, later hearing the sound of a beep to leave a voicemail. It was really upsetting not hearing anyone in the past week to contact me back.
         I learned that sometimes things might not go your way, but there can always be a backup plan. I am planning on contacting them again to reach someone incase my voicemail never reached anyone.  I also found college numbers off websites for animal/veterinary science. I found these just in case if I need to contact someone for my answers still left blank.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A phone call with a Veterinarian

      In my journey towards accomplishing my goal, I have thought of places and people I would want to contact for information about my dream career. I am looking forward to contacting a veterinarian, an animal hospital or a college best known for animal science. While contacting these individual people and places, I will have a script to use in starting my phone call conversation. I will plan to say:

    Hello, my name is ___________ and I’m a student at ____________. I’m calling to inquire about a passion I have: veterinarian medicine. I have always loved taking care of animals and learning more about them. I would like to pursue a career in animal science. Do you have a few moments to speak with me?

        To continue the conversation I will ask these  questions:

- What is your favorite part about this job? What do you find to be the most challenging?

-What type of degrees and licensing do you need for a veterinarian job like your own?

-Is there anything you wish you had done differently when you were getting your education and training?

-What would you recommend for someone like me in high school as a  way I could gain exposure to what it is like in a veterinarian office?

These are the types of questions I would ask a veterinarian or a veterinarian office. However, If I was calling a college I would ask:

-What type of degrees and licensing do you need for a veterinarian job like your own?

- What prerequisites do you need to be accepted into this field of study?

-How many years does it generally take to acquire the correct amount of credits?

-Is there any clinical training done as part of this program?

In this part of the project I am very nervous about talking to someone that could possibly give me a career in the future. I plan to practice my lines and be prepared to handle anything that is given to me. It is awkward sometimes to talk on the phone, even when it's a family member. So I believe this will be a good social skill to have for the future. During this process I hopefully will be able to contact more than one place or individual. I think one the questions I want to know the most is an preparations that can be taken to guarantee a success of being able to pursue this career in the future. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

My research on animals

          During my research I have found that taking care of animals, is like taking care of a child. Like children animals needs food, water, baths, and exercise  through out every single day. Also, people need to give attention, love, and any health needs for a cooperative companion. Having the proper vaccinations is one of the major keys to maintain a health animal. They need to be in a enriched environment with a place to explore. Many animals can act upon aggression if any of these key ideas are forgotten.
          Furthermore, in my research I looked over jobs that involve animals. In the animal field there are animal therapist, zoologist, marine biologist, humane educator, animal scientist, animal trainer, pet groomer, kennel worker, wildlife rehabilitation, zoo keeper, veterinarian technicians, and a veterinarian.  A veterinarian is the most common thought when thinking about animal care taking. however, there are many jobs that look over and care for animals. Most of the animal careers require the same amount of requirements.
                       Looking at veterinarian requirements I noticed that you need the following:

- a bachelor's degree      -experience at animal shelters      -people skills         - biology

        -science                     -earn a doctor veterinarian medicine                     -English                                                                                              -computer skills
                              Most of these are a must if not all for any career for animals.

         My finally research question is about animal rescues. Animal rescues is a place where people take care of stray animals that were abused or mistreated by their previous owners. There is a way to keep the overpopulation of homeless pets at a minimum: simply adopt! One major adoption facility is the SPCA.

Resources for my research

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Goals for my Passion

For language arts, I also have goals for the rest of school year. I want to be able to become advanced in English skills, and to have a 9th grade level reading. I think that one of my  skills that I defiantly want to achieve higher in is speaking and writing professionally.
         However, I also have goals towards my love of animals. My personal goal for my passion is to find out at least 8-10 pieces of information about my topic. I also would like to find out jobs that involve the topic about animals or taking care of them. Other goals for my research is to find background information or the importance of being a veterinarian. My last goal  is to find out about any animal rescue places.
         On my plan to success I would like to contact a vet from a vet office. Then I would be able to speak to a veterinarian about how they are living or pursuing their passion. If I had to ask someone for better knowledge about my passion I would want to ask a veterinarians these five questions.

       1. Why did you choose the occupation?
       2. What is your favorite part of your job?
       3. What advice would you give to someone wanting to choose this career choice.
       4. How much education was required for this certain degree? How many years is also required?
       5.What is the most challenging thing about your job?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Passionate about Animals

        I have many passions but one thing that I am found of the most is taking care of animals. It is Something that I deeply care about. I fell in love with taking care of any animal because it makes me feel like I have an impact on part of the world. I always am the first to call when taking care of a pet when a neighbor is on a trip or vacation. Also, seeing a curious animal needing assistance always brings a smile to my face because I mostly know the problem and can handle it. I can always make a animal so excited and happy. Therefore, that makes my passion a little stronger.
        If I had to chosse and occupation I would want to be a marine biologist, biologist or a veterinarian. I can use my hobby for animals then throughout the community. Loving and caring for animals not only helps the animal themself, but would also make the owners of the pet smile for the quality care towards their beloved pet.